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Personal Alarms for the Elderly - Making design matter...

Personal Alarms for the elderly don't have to be terrible. That's why we made a better one.

For over 35 years personal alarms for the elderly have been pretty much the same. They are a hangover from red pull cord alarms that you see in hospitals.

We believe elderly people deserve better!

The existing providers of carelines, lifelines, community alarms and personal alarms have not changed their designs in years. In fact many of them prefer to sue newer personal alarms that come out in order that there is less competition for them.

A better Personal Alarm for the elderly

At Personal alarm watch we wanted to design a personal alarm that older people would actually like and would help them be more active and more independent. That's why we deisgned an alarm that not only makes 24/7 emergency calls but also works anywhere in the UK and even tracks your steps and heartrate.

It's why we are the highest rated alarm service in the UK (By customers on trustpilot). It's also why we were featured in Design Week for our work (Personal Alarm for the Elderly in the prestigious Design Week).

We know it's important to keep costs down for pensioners so we offer our better alarm for the same price as a traditional pendant.

We also belive in making our personal alarm the best it possibly can be so if you would like us to customise your alarm in any way please do email us at

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