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Helen and Oscar's Story


Helen has a collie called Oscar. He’s a very nosey and curious dog but she loves him all the same. A few months ago Helen fell while out on a walk with Oscar. She spent almost an hour on the ground before another dog walker discovered her.

Helen’s daughter worried about her mother lying out in the cold without anyone knowing where she was. Helen wanted the best of both worlds... to give her daughter peace of mind… without giving up walking Oscar every day.

Now, Helen has got a Personal Alarm Watch to be able to keep walking Oscar. It allows her to call for help anywhere she goes, giving her a safety net while out on walks. This keeps her more active, she says it’s given her 20 years of confidence back.

Helen still walks Oscar every day

"It's given me 20 years of confidence back. I'm so pleased I don't have to give up walking Oscar" - Helen

Personal Alarm Watch enables Helen to raise the alarm if she has a problem. She can talk to a UK based 24/7 emergency call centre through the watch. They can access her GPS location and will send the help she needs.

It's stories like these that make Personal Alarm Watch the higest rated alarm system in the UK.

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