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What Are Key Safes, Why Do I Need One and Which One Should I Choose?


What are key safes, why do I need one and which one should I choose?

We often receive enquiries about key safes. There are many different brands available and they vary a lot in price too - it can be overwhelming! In this guide, I would like to give you a helping hand on:

  • deciding whether you need a key safe
  • choosing the right one

If you already have a key safe and would like some advice on installing and using it safely, please visit our comprehensive guide to keysafes.

Otherwise, without further ado...

What is a key safe?

A key safe is a secure box that stores keys in it . To open the box and get to the key, you punch in a pre-set code on a keypad on the front of it.

You can use a key safe to give a trusted person access to your home. It means they don't have to worry about looking after or even losing a spare key. A trusted person could be a carer, health professional or even your neighbours.

No more keeping track of multiple keys

Are they safe to use?

Key safes are a secure alternative to:

  • Putting a key under your mat or in a plant pot round the side of your house.
  • Cutting copies of your key to give to lots of people.
  • Relying on a friend or neighbour to let emergency services in if you use a personal alarm

You may want to consider purchasing a key safe if you are currently doing one of these.

We always recommend using a key safe accredited by the police. Look out for the ‘Secured by Design’ initiative logo. This means it is able to withstand industry ‘attack’ tests to ensure it is, as they say, “secure as your front door".

Look out for this ‘Secured by Design’ Logo

Key safes and personal alarms

Most personal alarm services will ask for your key safe details if you have one. In an emergency, the monitoring team may share the code so help can get to you.

At Personal Alarm Watch, we would recommend a key safe if you do not have any nearby emergency contacts with a key. We store your key safe details on our secure system.

Our team will only give this code to emergency services. For example, this could be paramedics that need to get in and help. It can be a real life-saver!

Choosing a key safe

Personal alarm services (including us at PAW) often point to the following three:

  1. Supra C500 (a robust, well trusted option)
  2. Supra P500 (more advanced than the C500 and can even connect to your home alarm)
  3. Burton Keyguard Digital XL (a newer key safe with higher certification)

These key safes are all Police accredited by the ‘Secured by Design’ initiative. They also have LPS certification (an independent security standard).

Prices start around £60 for the Supra C500 or Burton Keyguard Digital XL. They can go up to £100 for a home alarm system connected Supra P500.

More Information

I hope this guide has helped clear up some questions you may have about key safes. If you are looking for more information, we have produced further guidance on:

  • Choosing a good, secure code
  • Installing a key safe
  • Best places to put your key safe
  • Using a key safe if you live in a block of flats

The guide is available here: Safely using a Keysafe.

If you need more advice, our team is very happy to help. Do give us a call on 020 3868 5575 with any questions or you can email me personally at I would love to hear from you.

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