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Fall Risk Calculator


Fall Risk Calculator

This is a simple test to understand your fall risk it is designed for use by people 65+ and is used regularly by the NHS.

If you answer "Yes" to two or more of the questions below then you should discuss your result with your local GP.

1. Have you had a fall in the last 12 months?

2. Are you on 4 or more medications a day?

3. Do you have Parkinson's disease or have you had a stroke?

4. Do you stop walking when answering someone else's questions?

5. Do you sway significantly while standing?

6. Do you struggle to balance with one foot an inch off the ground?

7. Do you struggle to get up from a chair?

Finally, you should try the test below which is known as the "timed up and go" test. To start, be seated in a chair with 3 metres (10ft) of clear floor space in front of it and have a way of timing yourself.

  1. Stand up from the chair
  2. Walk 3 metres (10ft) in a straight line at your normal walking pace
  3. Turn 180 degrees
  4. Walk back to the chair at your normal walking pace
  5. Sit back down in the chair

If you take more than 12 seconds to complete this test you should add another yes to your total. If you answer "Yes" to two or more of these questions then you should discuss your fall risk with your GP. They may be able to recommend exercises, specialist falls services or aids to reduce your risk.

If you are at risk of falls you should think about getting a personal alarm. It gets you help if you have a fall by contacting either the emergency services or contacts that are held for you.

To find out more about staying safe in a fall with a personal alarm click here.

If you need more advice then our team is very happy to help, you can also get more information from the NHS. Do give us a call on 020 3868 5575 with any questions.

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