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Joan lives alone in an old village post office in deepest darkest Lancashire. She has a very rare condition that means he has life threatening nose bleeds. When these happen she finds it hard to convince the 999 dispatcher that it is not just an ordinary nosebleed! Because of this Joan became increasingly reluctant to go out and about. He worried that he could not get the help he needed when he needed it!

Joan discovered the Personal Alarm Watch, because a friend recommended it to her.

Joan now uses a Personal Alarm Watch

Personal Alarm Watch holds special instructions for her so when her call comes in from the watch they can navigate the 999 system as quickly as possible and get her the ambulance she so desperately needs. This has given Joan more confidence to go out and about. She now pops down to her local woods in the knowledge that if she starts to have a life-threatening problem, Personal Alarm Watch will be able to locate her and get her ambulance there as fast as possible.

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